Carmen Fernández Martos nos presenta el proyecto METABOLEP

Research Details

  • Research Name : Vulputate Cursus
  • Client : Themeforest Envanto
  • Category : Mononucleosis Test
  • Research Year : April, 2019
  • Location : Bulls Stadium, Califorina
  • Delivery Mode : Stipulated Price

Carmen Fernández Martos Nos Presenta El Proyecto METABOLEP

There is growing interest in the role of lifestyle factors in modifying the onset of neurodegenerative disorders such as ALS. While the cause of ALS is incompletely understood, studies have shown that ALS develops as a result of multiple factors, including metabolic alterations. Epidemiological studies suggest obesity confers a survival advantage in ALS and diets rich in saturated fat and sugar, similar in composition to the most popular diet in industrialized Western societies, can be an effective therapy to slow the progression of the disease and prolong life for patients with ALS. Importantly, obesity affects a hormone called leptin, and clinical studies support the concept that it is strongly related with ALS risk. However, we need better knowledge about whether leptin could have an effect on ALS risk per se or whether risk is associated with fat mass and weight. This will allow us to better determine targets for therapeutic intervention.