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Universidad San Pablo CEU

Universidad San Pablo CEU (USP-CEU) is a young University founded in Madrid in 1993. CEU is committed to academic and professional excellence, aiming for the best quality in education, research and internationalization. CEU facilities include 8 Research Centers, 43 Research Groups and 11 Core Research Facilities devoted to research.



Our research group is made up of basic science researchers with experience in different areas such as endocrinology and neuropharmacology demonstrating extensive experience in neurochemical experiments, electrophysiological recordings and different behavioral techniques. Our research aims at characterizing basic mechanisms involved in HFD-mediated impairment of learning and memory, and thus could contribute to design strategies aimed at preventing neurobiological disorders linked to cognitive processes. Our studies have made some relevant contributions to this field substantiated by several publications in indexed journals.

The members of this group have always had funding from different agencies, both private and public. The investigators are as PI, Dr. Cano and other scientific collaborators as Dr. Ruiz Gayo, Dr. Del Olmo and Dr. Merino. Moreover, we have predoctoral students and collaborators from our University and others.

Our group belongs to the Departamento de Farmacología, Facultad de Farmacia, Universidad CEU-San Pablo. Our laboratory has available equipment and infrastructures:

  • General Pharmacology laboratory equipment (western-blotting, PCR, etc).
  • Proteomics equipment.
  • Electrophysiology “in vitro” for extracellular recording.
  • Neuropsychopharmacology equipment (preference place conditioning, passive avoidance, recognition for objects, elevated plus maze, radial maze, etc…).

Project Coordinator/Principal investigator:

Tenured Scientist and Professor. More than 20 years of experience in behavioral and neural pharmacology, neurochemistry and immunohistochemistry. She has focused on the study of the role of leptin in the prevention of brain damage due to the apparition of metabolic diseases (obesity and diabetes).