Sescam (Hospital Nacional de Parapléjicos)


Sescam (Hospital Nacional de Parapléjicos)

The Servicio de Salud de Castilla La Mancha (SESCAM) is the Regional Public Health Service, providing care to the Autonomic Region of Castilla-La Mancha in Spain. SESCAM has 16 public hospitals and 25,000 employees to assist a population of 2 million people. Other than social, public health and healthcare integration, one of the major priorities of SESCAM is research committed to the improvement of the quality of the life of the patients in the region. The Hospital Nacional de Parapléjicos (HNP), as part of SESCAM, is a reference center in Spain for the integral rehabilitation of patients with spinal cord injury (SCI). The main goal of the hospital since its creation 40 years ago is to improve the life and facilitate the functional recovery of SCI patients, as well as any other lesion at the central nervous system, through advances in multidisciplinary research.

16 public hospitals

25,000 employees

2 million people

Public health and
healthcare integration

Laboratory of Neurometabolism

Laboratory of Neurometabolism at Hospital Nacional de Parapléjicos (SESCAM)

The Neurometabolism group strives to establish the pathophysiology of neurometabolic diseases, particularly ALS/FTD to develop rational treatment strategies. To achieve this, it used highly relevant animal models of ALS in combine with multidisciplinary methods of biochemistry, molecular biology, flow cytometry techniques and behavioral memory and motor test, utilizing different aspects from many areas such as Molecular Biology and Biochemistry, Pathophysiology and Endocrinology, and Neuroscience and Neural disorders. Our work has been mainly focussed on identify links between metabolic factors and the development of ALS. In this context, our research aims to objectively and rationally uncover the weaknesses of the knowledge about the value of leptin as a therapeutic to ALS.

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